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Frequently Asked Questions
What are the towels made of ?
They are made from 100% cotton.

Are the towels washable ?
They wash very well. The preferred method  is to hand wash but all can be thrown in the washing machine. I have done this many times and they come out great. As with most fabric products, be careful not to mix reds with other colors for the first wash.

Will they shrink ?
Yes, a little if placed in the dryer. I recommend giving them a good tug when they come out of the washer and drying flat.  Please press from the back of the towel if ironing.

How do I order ?
Phone: (248) 889-3586

Do you ship out of state ?
Yes! I use the United States Postal Service to ship anywhere.  Just send me an E-mail , or you can call me directly . E-mail: